Saturday, May 11, 2013


Well, I apologize for posting this photos in collage, coz It's not really my plan to take a picture for my outfit and this was at home. I actually went to SSS with my grandpa and li'l couz, and when we got home, I just strike a pose, coz it's my first to style myself for summer.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dress up like Louis Tomlinson

It's just a coincidence that Louis Tomlinson and I have almost the same ensemble. So when, I saw him in a picture wearing a tee (black and white stripes), and a red pants, I just suddenly wore my own version of Louis Tomlinson style then took a picture, since I'm a directioner.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Minute Shopping For New Year

My post in here is better that my first post on my blog which is "BLUER THAN BLUE". I decided to edit all these photos because I used my digital camera, and the quality is not that good, unlike DSLR. DSLR is one of my wishes this 2013.

I so love how I've done my prepared stolen shot in here. (Hahahah! Stolen pero prepared.)

By the way guys, I'm a proud Juan Directioner (or Filipino Directioner). Actually my friend Miah first saw this One Direction baller, and she called Johanie and I. I was so surprised when
I saw this, I was like freaking out coz I've been looking for this One Direction baller. I bought this for 150 only at G Mall Davao, I know it's very affordable.

(SM Mall patrick tee, Oxygen chaleco, NCCC Mall red pants, Louis Vuitton hand bag, GLEE flat shoes, GMall One Direction baller)